David Holden


Treatment Support

If you are undergoing medical treatment for serious illness, you need to independently support your healing process using evidence-based natural methods. This is the premise of Integrative Medicine, the next level of health care. David Holden has had over 25 years experience in hard-to-treat cases and holistic cancer support.

Oncology Support

David has developed significant resources to help cancer patients with personalized detox programs to dovetail with orthodox treatments, as well as complementary options to reduce side effects of chemo- and radio-therapy, and to speed up recovery from cancer surgery. David coordinates a team of natural health specialists who will provide a comprehensive program to support you on all levels of your being.

David Holden actively works in collaboration with oncologists, and has a good understanding of the medical oncology process; thus ensuring a program that significantly improves outcomes. As creator and organiser of the Holistic Cancer Congresses 2013/2013, he has a passion for the helping people with cancer in the most effective ways.

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Other Conditions

Whether you are undergoing treatment for diabetes, heart disease or other serious conditions, David Holden can help you proactively support your healing process, through correct diet, nutraceutical supplementation, and other natural methods that are clinically-tested and evidence-based.

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