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Before you work out where you want to go, health wise, you need to know exactly where you are now. David Holden uses a range of sophisticated tools to determine key markers of health. This helps to tailor a programme that exactly fits your needs. Also, David and you will be able to track your progress with precision, giving you the confidence to maintain your programme for best results.

Hemaview™ Live Blood Cell Analysis

An assessment using sophisticated dark-field microscopy; where 2 drops of blood is viewed under a high powered microscope with you watching so you can see what is going on in real time. It is digitally captured to enable comparison with any future readings to ensure you are making progress and getting results. Over 40 parameters can be assessed ruling in or out nutrient imbalances, parasite infections, toxicity of the liver or kidneys, etc, etc. A dietary and lifestyle plan is drawn up and your blood is reviewed after a period of time to ensure you are getting better and are benefitting from what is given. An absolute must for those seriously interested in how they can improve their physical health.

Video of introduction to Hemaview and Wet Blood Analysis:


Video of Hemaview Dry Blood Analysis:


Thyroflex™ Accurate Thyroid Testing

This innovative and well-proven device ELECTRICALLY tests the Thyroid rather than using blood so is faster (results displayed in the session) and is rated at 98.5% accurate. It is well known that many low thyroid conditions are missed with normal medical blood testing. This machines allows more accurate testing.

Video of Thyroflex Thyroid testing:


Pharmanex™ Bio-Photonic Scanner

Accurately assess your circulating antioxidants painlessly and quickly. This technology uses a laser beam to read your blood levels of Carotenoids, the most indicative of all the 5 main groups of antioxidants that are related to your diet and lifestyle. A must for all patients seriously interested in their health and wellbeing.

Video of antioxidant testing:


VLA™ Vitality, Longevity and Anti-Aging

This is a state-of-the-art assessment, where you are connected to a Bio-Impedance unit that accurately measures fat and muscle levels, gives an accurate Biological Age (rather than physical age), determines if you are toxic or not, if you need to gain fitness it tells us how much and helps set goals to aim for. A very comprehensive test great for those who are health conscious.

Video of Vitality-Longevity-Antiaging (VLA) test:


HAQ – Health Appraisal Questionnaire

This is a detailed 4 page questionnaire that all patients of David’s are sent to fill out before they see him so he can accurately assess your Nutritional BioChemistry and make sure that all interconnected bodily systems are assessed that could be relevant to your current health condition. This thorough assessment is included in all first time consults and gives good feedback to both practitioner and patient as to what areas could become health issues in the near future enabling prevention as well as what are the priorities for current treatments.

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